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town2go (short of: town-to-go) was created in 2006 when Germany was the host of the soccer World Cup. In the hot weeks in summer 2006, hundreds of thousands of people were on the road in unknown places throughout the country, wanted to celebrate, buy tickets, find accommodation, dining, make sightseeing, etc.

2006 the Internet on the wireless phone just gained importance, but its use was still severely restricted due to missing adaptation of many Web pages on small screens.

Bild "t2g.png"Technik
town2go responded to this need. JiveTec created within 2 weeks in the small client format a prepared list of links for the 12 venues with everything that was important on the spot, if you wanted to survive on the road: transportation (flights, railways timetable, local traffic jams, local car sharing and taxis, free parking in the area), parties, dinning out, McDonald's restaurants, pharmacies, cinemas, bars, hotel search, weather info, links to the most important daily newspapers, the phone numbers of emergency services, EC card locks, etc.

For JiveTec, this was the entry into the software development for the wireless phone. From the beginning, the application was designed for platform independence, so that both, old mobile phones with WML browsers and smartphones with new HTML could be used in any size.Bild "QR_town2go_2.jpg"

town2go is still active, but only sporadically maintained: